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The Manual is a community of artists, designers and craft professionals united around a common space from which to create, work, exchange ideas and knowledge.


Our goal is to generate a cooperative environment of artistic and artisanal production, where projects and actions that take place in our space can be economically viable and sustainable over time.


We act as a binder between people from different creative disciplines providing support and accompaniment in the process of professionalizing their projects and creations.

We were born in summer 2012 with the will to respond to the shortage of co-creation spaces in the center of Madrid.


Our proposal is to provide a space where to devise and produce artistic and artisanal projects, in which we can continue to train and acquire new tools to develop them, where to teach workshops to disseminate the creative knowledge and where to host cultural events to reach a wider audience within the city of Madrid.



La Manual was born as a collaborative creation space in summer 2012. After several months looking for the ideal space we decided to rent a place in the neighborhood of Malasaña. At the beginning we were organized in a very informal way, among several groups, artists and artisans, with the intention of sharing fixed expenses of the space, to publicize our work and that of the network of members that we were forging little by little, through exhibitions, plastic arts and craft techniques workshops, open houses, small art and craft markets within the space itself...


This space went through many transformations, as we adapted it to our changing needs, but at the end of 2018 we decided to close this space and focus our efforts on the newly rented space of Lavapiés, a better conditioned space with more square meters that allowed us to advance better in the professionalization objectives that we wanted to carry out.

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