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Since we reopened our doors on May 11, we have made a constant effort to adapt to the new situation, learn and improve the necessary measures to fight the spread of COVID-19 and be able to work from La Manual in a safe and healthy environment.


Thanks to these measures, which have been updated in September 2021, we are prepared to receive you safely in our space:


Ventilation. The space will be ventilated every day to maintain proper air circulation and regeneration.


Air conditioning.  We regularly check and clean the filters.


Good practice guide.  At the main entrance and in various spots a Good practice guide, with instructions and recommendations to access and work in the space safely for everyone will be available. 


Physical distance in jobs.  We have changed the distribution of the spaces so that there is a minimum distance of between 1.50 and 2 meters between coworkers. 


Hygienic points.  Several hygienic points have been arranged in the space  with hydroalcoholic gel, wipes and disinfectant liquid. 


Mandatory mask.  In common areas or when interacting  with another coworker the use of  face mask is obligatory.

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